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Let’s work together

Collaboration with the scientific community is central to our R&D strategy. Through partnerships, we can challenge our approach, complement our own expertise with external knowledge, and deliver improved outcomes.

Who are we looking to partner with?

We are constantly looking for individuals and companies to collaborate with on promising new research and development projects. We’re open to working with partners including scientific experts, academic institutions, biotechs, and CROs.
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What types of partnerships?

We are interested in partnership opportunities that include research agreements, co-development, in-licensing, partnering and outsourcing of activities at all stages of the R&D process.

To ensure the best possible outcomes from our partnering activities, we carry out due-diligence to make sure we find the right fit – on both sides. We also tailor our partnerships and the selection of our partners to address specific scientific questions from drug discovery to clinical studies.

Our guiding principles

We have extensive experience in fostering successful collaborations with a diverse range of organisations around the world.

Our success is based on the following guiding principles:

  • entrepreneurial spirit – we believe that the freedom to think and act innovatively will result in solutions that deliver the best possible outcomes for patients
  • transparency at all stages of the R&D process – we understand that openness and the exchange of ideas between teams leads to the development of innovative solutions
  • long-term view and planning security – as a private owned company we have a long-term, sustainable focus
  • strong commitment to deliver on our promises – our mission is to improve the lives of patients through innovation and we are dedicated to that purpose